How to do the Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation to Improve Memory



Ta – touch the thumbs to the middle finger



Ma – touch the thumb to the little finger



  • Sit with a straight spine.
  • Mentally focus to the brow point.
  • Repeat Sa Ta Na Ma as follows
    • 2 minutes —  OUT LOUD
    • 2 minutes  —  WHISPER audibly
    • 4 minutes  —  SILENTLY.  Keep the hands moving
    • 2 minutes  —  WHISPER audibly
    • 2 minutes —  OUT LOUD
  • 30 seconds or longer: Instead of the finger movements, softly touch the thumbs to the index finger and rest your hands on your lap.  Sit quietly and listen inside.  Hear the mantra and experience energy flowing in from the top of your head (crown chakra) and out through your brow (third eye chakra).
  • 30 seconds: inhale deeply, raise the arms up in the air and vigorously shake the arms and fingers, involving the whole body and spine. Exhale.  Repeat 1 or 2 more time if you desire. This important part of the meditation helps move and release energy in the body.
  • Relax for a few minutes, sitting or lying down, before going about your day.  If it’s bed time, go to sleep.


Why are mantras done out loud, whispering and silently and how does it help? When a mantra is spoken out loud, it primarily benefits the physical body.  When it’s whispered, it benefits our mental/emotional nature.  Our spiritual nature benefits from silent repetition.

If you experience memories of the past or thoughts about the future coming up in your mind. Simply notice them and release them with the mantra. This helps cleanse  the subconscious mind.

If emotions come up, you can also incorporate them in the chanting, i.e. if you feel frustration, then chant out the frustration.  Whatever you experience is okay. Don’t try to avoid, resist or control your experiences. Just notice what is happening and go through it. This is all part of the process.

More Resources…

  • Get an audio recording that will help you practice the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation with the correct timing.
  • Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation CD
    Sa Ta Na Ma is a powerful mantra. Scientific studies have shown this 12-minute meditation will increase memory, concentration, cognition & more. This is accomplished when the mantra is specifically said daily for 2-minutes out loud; whispered for 2-minutes; repeated silently for 4-minutes; whispered for 2-minutes; and out loud for 2-minutes. Special finger movements, called mudras, are also done throughout. The intro to this CD describes all you need to know to get started. The meditation track keeps track of the time for you with a beautiful chorus of voices.

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