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Desktop Yoga ® Workshop

It keeps employees alert and productive during the business day.

Simple chair exercises can help prevent chronic problems such as lower back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other repetitive stress injuries.

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that yoga-based chair exercise and stretches are more effective in reducing carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms than using wrist splints or no treatment (Nov. 11, 1998).   Desktop Yoga ™ can also improve morale, productivity, attitudes and attendance.

As the creator and author of Desktop Yoga ™ (Penguin Group, 1998), Julie Lusk has designed ‘do it now ‘ exercises that can be done right at the workstation that are effective, portable and easy.

During a typical session, participants will:

  1. Learn to do self-care chair yoga stretches that can be done at their own desk.  Specific stretches are done for the neck, shoulders, wrists, face, back and legs.  Sequences are also available to increase energy, improve creativity or to reduce frustration.
  2. Take a “2- hour nap in 2-minutes”.
  3. Receive a brief review on the importance of proper ergonomics.


Lusk, foreground, is president of a stress management company Wholesome Resources in Milford. She demonstrates some poses from her book “Desktop Yoga.” Mark Bealer | Courier

The Business Courier featured the value of Desktop Yoga in a recent article. “Training the Body to Coast can help with Relaxation.” (pdf)

One of the most effective ways of letting go of work stress before you get home is by taking care of it as it arises, said Julie Lusk, author of “Desktop Yoga ®.” Lusk, president of Wholesome Resources, a stress-management company in Milford, teaches people how to do stretches, breathing and relaxation techniques right at their desks to relieve tension and get on with the day.  See this article.

Don Kemper
President, Healthwise, Inc

“Julie Lusk has a unique style of presentation that seems to peer inside each member of her audience.  Her wellness workshops in yoga, relaxation, and stress management include an extra dimension that leaves an imprint of peace and mindfulness on each participant.

Medco Employee
Desktop Yoga showed me how to release stress quickly.  Easy to remember tips.  I feel great!


  • I get neck and back and shoulder pain when I work.  It’s already gone after this short Desktop Yoga session.  My muscles felt really loose and relaxed after the exercises.  It’s great!
  • Will help with concentration and stress relief.
  • You can relax at your desk so you will be better able to handle the stress of the day and be nicer to the people you talk to on the phone.  Thank you.  This should help at work and home.
  • It will help to ease some of the stiffness and fatigue that I feel when I sit for too long.
  • I learned how to prevent injury in the future and have more energy.
  • I now have something positive to do when I need a break from my work instead of bothering my co-workers by talking to them.

Fidelity Investments

95% rated the content as excellent or above average

97% rated the speaker as excellent or above average

97% rated the program as excellent or above average.

  • I was amazed at how relaxed and comfortable I felt by the end.  I enjoyed learning by doing.
  • Easy to remember tips.  I’ll be able to focus more during the day.
  • I believe this will help me when I’m at work and I get stressed.
  • I liked learning the relaxed breathing techniques.  I felt much more relaxed, at ease and calm after taking the “2 hour nap in 2 minutes.”
  • I learned how to stop and take a break if I’m stressed and overwhelmed to regroup
  • How to be more aware of how my body is reacting when stressed and what to do

Ethicon Endo Surgery (Johnson and Johnson)

100% rated the content as excellent or above average

100% rated the speaker as excellent or above average

100% rated the program as excellent or above average.

  • I learned to release stress quickly.  The instructor had excellent content.  Very beneficial.
  • It’s important to take time to relax and reduce stress.
  • The stress fighting techniques allow me to be more focused and a better team player
  • The info on the mind/body connection was excellent
  • Stop being a perfectionist – I am one and it is stressful
  • You have reinforced the idea that I can do anything I put my mind to!!
  • Everything was interesting.  I learned relaxation tips to gain more energy.


98% rated the content as excellent or above average

100% rated the speaker as excellent or above average

98% rated the program as excellent or above average

  • I learned how to feel rejuvenated at work.  It was excellent.  I’m glad I attended.
  • Learned a lot in a short period of time.
  • I need to learn how to relax.  My stress level is out of control.  The techniques were easy.  I felt so renewed and relaxed afterwards
  • Great ideas that can be implemented at one’s desk

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